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Across Europe, clients rely on our products and trust our expertise. We serve a wide range of sectors and industries, including museums and heritage preservation, as well as churches and protected buildings, along with institutes.

Bavarian Palace Department

Tina Naumović, Head of Department Preventive Conservation

We have been working very successfully with Krah&Grote at the Bavarian Palace Administration for many years. Each of our buildings has very individual requirements. The solutions provided by Krah&Grote, perfectly tailored to us for climate analysis and monitoring, always meet our high standards. Numerous different devices and measurement systems, such as the CanMeleon, have already been successfully installed in our castles.

Bavarian National Museum

Marcus Herdin, Dipl.-Rest. (Univ.), Department of Preventive Conservation / Construction Supervision

The Bavarian National Museum (BNM) has been working with Krah & Grote since the early 2000s. Initially, the tasks were focused solely on climate monitoring and in 2019 expanded to include the field of pollutant reduction and monitoring. For various tasks, suitable measurement solutions are offered or adapted. Through the use of appropriate measuring devices and discussions with Krah & Grote's experts, the Bavarian National Museum was able to acquire extensive knowledge regarding the implementation and evaluation of humidity conditioning in display cases. BNM operates at a high level of technical and scientific expertise in this area. Krah & Grote's devices not only serve for direct climate monitoring but have also been extremely helpful in verifying other measurement systems. I look forward confidently to the coming years of valued and successful cooperation with Krah & Grote.

Cologne Dombauhütte

Jasper Völkert, Graduate Conservator

We use the MIG010 in combination with wired 5 measurement sensors to document the climate in an excavation section. The MIG010 provides us with a good solution to accurately represent this specific climate situation. The compact design of the measurement sensors and their individual adaptation to the respective question allow us versatile use of the system. Particularly helpful for work processes is the ability to wirelessly retrieve the collected data. The use of multiple automatically synchronized measurement points simplifies our analysis and comparison with other measurement data. In conjunction with the ClimateView3D software, the MIG010 offers an optimal application for our needs.

Stiftelsen Lille­hammermuseum

Yngve Magnusson, Head Restorer

For 25 years, Krah&Grote has been my first choice for measurement technology-related matters. The expertise of Krah&Grote has repeatedly demonstrated that the best measurement technology can fail if not used with comprehensive know-how. Krah&Grote has saved us many unnecessary construction measures through highly accurate evaluations. The long-standing experience of Krah&Grote also influenced the development of the Clima-View software. I use this software with enthusiasm because the evaluations of climate data have never been so precise and versatile.

State Building Authority Traunstein

Gerhard Edfelder

In 2012, we installed a ventilation system in the Pilgrimage Church of St. Bartholomew at Lake Königssee to stabilize the indoor climate. This system is perfectly controlled by humidity-based control technology with a comparison between outdoor and indoor climates from Krah & Grote. The control system reacts optimally to occasional high visitor numbers and the associated moisture intake into the church nave through various sensors. For occasional masses and events, the control was supplemented with a demand-based 2-hour shutdown. The sensors were delicately integrated into the historically protected building. The company is very reliable in maintaining the system, and the cooperation is pleasant. In my view, Krah & Grote is an excellent choice for control technology.

BERGER Architektur und Denkmalpflege

Hanns Berger, CEO

We have worked with Krah & Grote on various projects and will gladly continue to rely on their expertise in the future. In heritage-protected objects, there are no 'one-size-fits-all' solutions. Therefore, the great commitment to finding the best solution in each case and solving problems in practice is what we appreciate the most.

iconyk GmbH

Lars Klemm, CEO

We have been extensively using the CanMeleon system from Krah&Grote for several years. Our requirements for secure and reliable in data acquisition can be fully and absolutely met with it. With Krah&Grote, we have a highly competent and dedicated partner by our side.

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