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CanMeleon Kompakt

The CanMeleon Compact is a monitoring and surveillance system. It assists you in protecting your objects, for example, by measuring climatic data.

It's as Simple as That
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Product Details

Krah&Grote CanMeleon Kompact
CanMeleon Kompakt with sensors
CanMeleon Kompakt


This is what makes our innovative product so unique.

1 Device for Everything

A device for your most important applications.

Values ​​Available at Any Time

Measurement values are available online anytime and anywhere.

Expandable and Customizable

Individually expandable with additional Krah & Grote products.

Made in Germany

Manufactured exclusively in Germany.

Premium Quality

Durable, stable, and sustainable. We offer you a replacement service when the desiccants are eventually depleted.

Easy to Use

Easy installation without technical knowledge in just a few minutes.

Technical Data



140mm x 96mm x 32mm


CAN-Bus, Radio 868MHz


LAN Connection for DSL/GSM

CAN-TRF-868 Wireless Sensors

Dimensions: (height x width x depth)

8,5cm x 3,7cm x 3,6cm


> 2 years depending on the sampling rate

Number of sensors

Up to 254 sensors

Sensor Types

Combi sensors for relative humidity and temperature, CO₂ and VOC

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CanMeleon Kompakt

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Monitoring and Control System CanMeleon and CanMeleon Kompakt

Do I have to install software on my PC?

No, you don't have to. The software is a WEB application that works with the standard browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and many more.

What about the security of the data?

The measurement data is stored on a German external server. This data is also saved in a backup every day. Access to the data is secured via a personal user name and password.

Is there a notification if limit values ​​are exceeded or malfunctions occur?

Yes, there is both an alarm message and a report depending on the settings.

Can the measurement data be exported?

The measurement data can be exported in CSV format for Excel application and TXT format for the ClimateView 3D software.

What measurement interval does the CanMeleon 2.0 and CanMeleon Compact have?

Measurement data is sent to the central server every 15 minutes.

How long does the battery last for one CAN-TRF-868 wireless sensor?

Depending on the transmission interval, approx. 12-14 months for 1 minute, approx. 24 months for 2 minutes.

How long does it take to charge the battery of the CAN-TRF-868 wireless sensor?

Charging takes approx. 2-3 hours depending on the charging cable and device.

Can I easily expand the CanMeleon system with different measurement parameters?

Yes, the CanMeleon system can be expanded with a wide range of measuring parameters. Standard parameters that are easy to include are wind speed, rainfall, wind direction, solar radiation, light measurement, currents, oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide and many more.

Can I combine wireless and wired modules?

Yes, this is a major advantage, especially in museum operations. The installation of CAN-EPF-868 modules ensures comprehensive coverage of wireless modules. Sensors can be positioned at any location in rotating exhibitions.

Can the CanMeleon be used for regulation purposes?

Different regulatory systems can be assembled using the CAN-SVR-010 and BT06 add-ons.

The climate monitoring system for valuable objects

In today's world, when the protection and preservation of art and cultural heritage is of utmost importance, we proudly present the CanMeleon Kompakt System. A system that is unrivaled in its simplicity and efficiency, yet blends effortlessly into its surroundings.

Start your journey with seamless setup. The CanMeleon KompaKt system is designed so that it can be installed and put into operation in just a few minutes without any prior technical knowledge. Whether you are in a historic building, a museum, a church or a castle, this system has been designed to fit perfectly into each of these environments.

But what makes the CanMeleon compact system so special? It is not just a simple climate measuring device. It combines multiple functions and acts as a receiver, transmitter, data collector and storage to ensure comprehensive monitoring. The wireless sensors, which are strategically placed on your exhibits or in your rooms, record important data such as room humidity and room temperature.

The advanced technology of the CanMeleon Compact allows you to access this data via an internet connection. From anywhere and at any time. Simply log in using your personal access data via a web browser and you will have all the information at a glance. Would you like regular updates? No problem! You can conveniently have daily reports sent to you by email.

You can easily export the collected data to "ClimateView 3D" software and Excel for in-depth analysis. And if you wish to customize the system to your specific needs, the CanMeleon Kompakt offers comprehensive expansion options. Integrate up to 254 measuring points, be it wireless or wired, and use additional functions such as the BT06 climate regulator to ensure an optimal room climate in combination with a ventilation system.

Finally, when it comes to filtering out pollutants in showcases and stabilizing the climate, our ADSB01 adsorption box is your reliable partner.

In summary, it can be said that the CanMeleon Kompakt system is more than just a product. It is an obligation to protect and preserve valuable spaces and exhibits. With its comprehensive functionality and flexibility, it sets new standards in climate monitoring. And all with a simplicity you'll love.

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