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About Krah&Grote

Krah&Grote supports you in preventive conservation for museums, churches, and castles. Our goal is to prevent damage to buildings or exhibits before it occurs. For this purpose, unique measuring and control technology is used to ensure a good climate.

Your Partner in Preventive Conservation

Robert Krah

Founder and CEO
With over 30 years of experience in handling valuable art and cultural assets, Krah & Grote has extensive expertise that we are pleased to offer for the protection and preservation of your valuable objects. We work with you to develop a solution for each of your individual requirements, to assist you in protecting and preserving your valuable objects. Our innovative developments help us to meet your needs and protect your artworks and cultural treasures with the latest technology. In this interplay of experience and innovation lies our strength.


Your number one partner for climate stability in historic buildings and visionary ideas to protect your historic values from harmful influences in the best way possible.


As little technology as possible, but as much as necessary. We aim to make complex technology easily accessible and understandable for everyone.

Your reliable partner for more than 30 years.

Our company has a success story spanning over 30 years, making us your reliable provider of comprehensive solutions for climate stability in historic buildings, churches, museums an archives. Even in the face of challenging tasks, we find simple solutions relying on the use of our products. We offer you top-quality products tailored precisely to our customers' needs. Our solutions support you in the preventive conservation of your values and are characterized by their almost invisible technology.

Specialized Knowledge

Extensive specialized knowledge in the field of climate in historical buildings and its practical application.

Provider of Comprehensive Solutions

Full-service provider from the initial concept and realization to maintenance and subsequent support.

Solution-oriented Adaptation

Individual adaptation to your specific requirements.

Cost Savings

Cost savings through the simplest handling of measurement and control technology. Also, through the exchange service of silica gel and molecular sieve, as well as our calibration service.

100% made in Germany

Our products are developed by us and exclusively manufactured in Germany by our specialized partners.

Our Success Story

Specialization in the Field of Climate Stability in Historical Buildings
Development of ClimateView 3D
Completion of the Development of the Climate-Pollutant Box ADSB01
Market Launch of CanMeleon Kompact

Our Measuring and Control Devices Simply Explained

CanMeleon Kompakt

The CanMeleon Kompact is a climate measuring device and/or monitoring system. It protects your objects by measuring room humidity and room temperature.

Adsorptionsbox (ADSB01)

The Adsorptionbox (ADSB01) was developed for the combined use of pollutant reduction and moisture stabilization in showcases.

ClimateView 3D

Our ClimateView 3D evaluation software gives you a visual overview of the climatic and dynamic processes and relationships in rooms and showcases.

These Clients Trust Us

Kaiserburg Nürnberg
Blaesig Architekten
Torhalle Lorsch
EST Ingenieurbüro GmbH
Staatliches Bauamt Regensburg
Münchner Dom
Museum Leipzig
Salvatorianer-Pfarrei St. Michael


Value-preserving technology

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